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The Magic of the HotPot

To “Da Long Yi Hotpot", we believe that hot pot is a celebration of the diversity of saveurs and ingredients. Our menu offers a range of broths from spicy to mild, designed to satisfy all taste preferences. You will also discover the essence of Sichuan spices, bringing a distinctive touch to every hot pot experience.

Our Hotpot "Marmites"


“Da Long Yi Hotpot”, we offer you the possibility to choose between two Hotpot options to personalize your experience:

  • The HOTPOT First Choice: Two different broths to choose from for a variety of flavors.

  • The Second HOTPOT Pick: Three flavors of broth to choose from for an even richer flavor experience.

Our Characteristics
  • Varied Broths: Discover a range offivebroths with unique flavors, from the spiciest to the mildest, designed to satisfy all taste preferences.

  • Sichuan Spices: Soak up the authenticity of Sichuan spicesn, giving a distinctive flavor to each dish.

  • Welcoming Ambiance: Immerse yourself in a warm and friendly atmosphere, where hot pot culture combines with decoration evoking ancient China.

  • Culinary Innovations: Explore our special culinary innovations, from unique ingredient combinations to reinterpretations of hot pot classics.

Stay Informed and Register!

Be at the forefront of this new culinary adventure

by following our updates.

Stay connected on our social networks and explore our official website to be informed in advance of the official opening date and special launch offers.

The arrival of "Da Long Yi Hotpot" in Brussels, Belgium, marks the beginning of a new erafull of flavors, sharing and discovery. Get ready to explore hot pot in a way that will surprise and delight you.

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