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Da Long Yi Hot Pot WHO IS THIS?

Da Long Yi Hot Pot, a well-established brand in the catering industry,

was created in 2013 and is currently in the expansion phase in Europe.

The restaurant is known for offering an exceptional dining experience

which combines exquisite flavors and conviviality.

With a solid reputation, Da Long Yi Hot Pot has quickly become

a destination of choice for lovers of refined cuisine.

The brand offers a unique approach

"hot pot", an interactive cooking method that allows guests to

create their own meal by cooking a variety of ingredients

fresh directly to their table.

Since its launch in2013, Da Long Yi has won the hearts of many customers,

which is reflected in her loyal customer base and the rave reviews she receives.

The year marks an exciting new milestone for the company

as it expands its influence in Europe.

The first wave of openings in Europe was crowned with success,

testifying to the attraction

universal cuisine offered by Da Long Yi.

As part of this European expansion, an exceptional opportunity presented itself:

the opening of a Da Long Yi Hot Pot restaurant in Brussels.

This cosmopolitan city renowned for its diverse culinary scene offers

an environment conducive to welcoming the brand.

The strategic location and rich food culture of Brussels

create an ideal setting to share the unique experience of Da Long Yi with an international clientele.

The experience offered by Da Long Yi Hot Pot is not just limited to the exceptional quality of its cuisine. The restaurant's elegant and welcoming ambiance creates an ideal setting for social gatherings, family meals and get-togethers with friends. The brand is determined to maintain the high standards that have forged its reputation while continuing to innovate to meet the diverse tastes of its international customers.

With its history of success, international expansion and commitment to customer satisfaction, Da Long Yi Hot Pot represents a strong and promising company. As the owner of this thriving brand, I am confident that the essence of Da Long Yi will continue to thrive and captivate the palates of food lovers across Europe, starting with our upcoming restaurant in Brussels.

The Legacy of Da Long Yi

In 2013, the passion for sharing cuisine rich in tradition and creativity gave birth to Da Long Yi Hot Pot. We've built a sanctuary for hot pot lovers, where every bite honors authenticity and innovation. Our relentless quest for culinary perfection and our commitment to quality have elevated us to the rank of a global benchmark. Today, we are proud to unveil the Da Long Yi experience in Brussels, Belgium.

The Art of Personalization

At Da Long Yi, each dish becomes a blank canvas for your taste creativity. Immerse yourself in a selection of broths with captivating flavors, explore a variety of meats, seafood and vegetables, then personalize your hot pot with our captivating spices. You are the master of your experience, sculpting each bite to reflect your desires and preferences.

To know: 


In the fiery world of Da Long Yi, each spice tells a bold story of flavors.

Prepare for a sensory journey that awakens your senses, with degrees of spiciness varying according to each guest.

A slight feeling in your stomach after a spicy treat is a sign that you've defied the boundaries of flavors. Dive deeper to explore the full amplitude of this spicy dimension, because it is an integral part of the pleasure of tasting. We encourage you to explore and choose the spice level that awakens your taste buds without compromising your comfort."

Screenshot 2023-08-26 at 00_edited.png

A New Enchanted Step

Europe enthusiastically welcomes Da Long Yi Hot Pot, and we are delighted to announce our arrival in Brussels, Belgium.

In the heart of this dynamic city, we bring an explosion of Chinese flavors, an experience where the authentic tastes of hot pot merge with the cosmopolitan elegance of Brussels.

Come and discover the perfect marriage between East and West, between culinary traditions and contemporary daring.

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